Important Instruction-I

Last year Password is not valid.The Nodal officer is required to generate a new password as per password policy.

                     To Change ‘Password’

1. Default password has been sent to the CMD by email.

2. At the first sign on, nodal officer of the concerned application (i.e. PE Survey, Charity, CSR, Periodical Review under 56j, CRR & Misc. Information) is required to generate the password by providing his/her credentials.

3. OTP will be sent to the given email-id (Nodal officer) for password generation

4. An email will also be sent to the CMD having credential of Nodal officer who generated the password.

5. Existing login-id will remain same for all application.

6. Password will be different for different applications i.e. PE Survey, Charity, CSR, Periodical Review under 56j, CRR & Misc. Information.

Important Instruction-II

e PE Survey datasheet contains Company Profile & Part(I) to Part(VII). Submission of data in the Company Profile is mandatory for proceeding to other parts.At first time, the previous year data is populated in the Company Profile, the nodal officer is requested to verify/edit data.

·  Imp : Financial figures are Rupees in Lakhs(no decimal,rounded to nearest lakhs) .

  1. If your Login Fails for more than 5 times consecutively(attempting wrong username/password) , your Login/Account will be Locked.


  1. To re-activate your Locked Login Id again -



  1. Do not use the Browser Back Button for going back to Previous Page.Use only back button provided in the application. 


4.                Kindly change your Password immediately after login in the first time. The New Password should not be the last 3 used passwords.

5.                Kindly visit all the seven parts and each forms in every parts for submission of data.

6.                In case of No information for a particular form / field, fill ‘Zero’ or “Nil’ as applicable depends upon the nature of the entry.

7.                Press ‘Submit’ Button for saving the information.

8.                Data once entered can be viewed and update/edit again.

9.                In case of part-7, the text limit is 1000 character and text should not contain any special characters like & - @ # $ ! % ^ - * ~ {} [] (). However in form 1 of part-7 this limit is 1000 character. In case text based information is more than this limit kindly e-mail information at

10.         Press Confirming Data Completion’ for final submission as shown below. No Updation / Editing will be allowed after pressing ‘Confirmation’ Button and data will be treated as authenticated.